The Big See 2024 'Winner' award in the Residential Housing category was won by the ZONA Knežija building, designed by Damir Mance (Minimal Architecture). It has been selected as a finalist and is competing for the 'Grand Prix' in its category. As the architect stated, "Several years have passed since the beginning of this project, and it's time to finally boast a little! Many thanks to everyone who participated." The project team consists of Stella Gojak, Marin Stojanović, Karlo Seitz, Ana Miletić, Ena Lokmer, and Antonio Patljak.

Describing the residential building in Knežija, Zagreb, it is interpreted as follows: "Located in the zone of development and urban renewal of high-rise space, this residential and commercial building represents a logical continuation of the urbanization of the southwest part of Knežija. The project addresses the challenges of maximum buildability through shaping and functionality, adapting to the contour of the building plot and the heights of the surrounding buildings. By varying the heights of the building volumes, visual dynamics are ensured in line with the urban context.

The design of the building combines contemporary architecture with elements of traditional multi-residential construction in Knežija, creating a space that meets modern housing standards. The intricate volumes of above-ground floors provide optimal natural lighting and ventilation for apartments, minimizing the inevitable negative impact on neighboring buildings. Large venetian blinds on the balconies create intimate interstitial spaces between the interior and exterior, allowing for pleasant stays and microclimates throughout the year."