In the past week, from September 28 to October 5, the Agency for Legal Transactions and Real Estate Brokerage (APN) received 1,680 applications for subsidizing housing loans, and so far about 240 have been processed.

As stated on Monday in the announcement on the website of the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Property, the requests are processed according to the order of receipt, and at the moment about 240 of them have been processed.

Last Monday, APN started receiving applications as part of the fifth tender for subsidizing housing loans, and on that day, banks submitted a total of 611 applications for their clients.

So far, four rounds of applications for loan subsidies have been conducted, the last one in the spring of this year, and according to the relevant ministry, more than 13,000 applications for subsidies have been approved through these four rounds. children, with the state paying almost HRK 244 million for subsidies by September this year.

In that period, 8,153 families solved their housing issue by buying an apartment, 3,525 families by buying a house, and 1,333 by building a house.

The average age of the subsidy beneficiary is 33, and the average monthly instalment or annuity is 385 euros, of which the monthly subsidy is about 130 euros. The average amount of subsidized loan is 69,500 euros or 521,250 kuna, which users will repay in an average of 21 years, according to the Ministry.

Banks' effective interest rates range from 2.12 percent to 3.50 percent

In the first half of September, APN entered into agreements with 14 banks to provide subsidized housing loans, with the highest effective interest rates offered by banks ranging from 2.12 percent to 3.50 percent.

Under previously known conditions, an application for a housing loan subsidy can be submitted by anyone under the age of 45 who does not own an apartment or a house. Loan subsidies will be approved for the purchase of an apartment or house, or the construction of a house, up to a maximum of 1,500 euros per square meter, or up to a maximum loan amount of 100,000 euros in kuna equivalent. The loan repayment period must not be shorter than 15 years.

By subsidizing housing loans, young people are subsidized to pay part of the housing loan in the first five years of repayment.

For each child born or adopted during the loan subsidy period, the state subsidy is extended for an additional two years. Amendments to the law from June last year, allow the extension of subsidies for an additional year for each child and for families who already have children. This means that for a family that already has two children, the subsidy will last for seven years instead of five.

The amount of the subsidy depends on the development index of the place where the real estate is bought or built and ranges from 30 to 51 percent of the loan instalment.