If you hate the whole concept of open offices, then we will immediately tell you where to go to complain. To America. That is to say, more precisely, in Silicon Valley, where not only the smaller construction costs (compared to the traditional offices) have been enjoyed, but also the possibility of placing employees with similar workloads together. It was then easier to communicate with them and monitor their deployment. This way of working took over and soon expanded not only across the States, but also across Europe. But it has not been so solved that work performance is falling, employees are suffering from insomnia, worse concentration, and the practice of various therapists is filled with desperate people who feel they are completely incapable.

With this feeling in the Czech Republic, more and more employees are working in modern office buildings. And it is not only the fact that dozens of people are working side by side who have different habits and are not considerate of others, but also the lack of fresh air. Most of the windows should not open (or not go) and the air-conditioning will attack all of them with filtered air several times. Even if you do not influence this, you can work in open space.

Here are the survival rules:

1. Make a meeting and set the rules

The basic thing if you just moved into an open space office, or we feel the tension among employees. It is very important to mention that working calls are fine, no half-hour chuckling with a friend. If you need to make a longer private call, go to the kitchen, hallway or meeting room if it is empty. Be aware that everything beyond the click of a key is distraction and distraction. Also, be sure to mention that aromatic foods should be eaten in the kitchen. Because of the inability to ventilate, the smell of food is annoying. It is also important to take care of hygiene and clean clothes.

2. Create private zones

There are days when you do what you do, you hear the grass grow and everything disturbs you. But if you have a private zone in your office, then you're fine. The privat is a smaller place with a table and a chair, where you can close for a few hours and escape the office buzz.

3. Go out

You may think that colleagues have to light a couple of times a day before the office when they run out. Don't wake up and go, too. It does not mean that if you do not smoke, you must sit behind the computer all day. Fresh air will do well for you, and the whole body will have a better blood supply. You will work better.

4. Train concentration

Many employees come to work much sooner than others to do some work before others arrive. Certainly you did it sometimes. But try to look at the problem differently. Borrow books and learn to turn off your surroundings in your mind and focus on what you're doing. In addition, of course, it is also important that you do not be disturbed by the beeping of Facebook notifications and purring emails on your phone.

5. Use technology to your advantage

If you do not work in a call center where your job is to communicate with people, then you can put headphones on your ears. But you don't have to listen to music right away. You can use meditation applications where there are sounds of gurgling stream, crackling fire or dancing drops of rain. You will calm down and you will not hear the constant cracking of your neighbor's joints.

6. Get in touch

We have already talked about the fact that some people are disrespectful. But it is important not to hide and run. Be sure to bring the problem to the concerned person and ask him to change his behavior or habits. Of course, it would be better if you weren't the only ones with the habits of the person in question. He would take the reproach more seriously.

7. Do not go to work sick

If you get sick, take a sickday or a homeoffice and stay home to keep others from getting infected. In a large space, bacteria spread very quickly, affecting the lives of not only the colleagues in the office, but also their families, which they will also be swiftly transferred to.

If you find that work in such a space is not satisfactory and only brings stress, then go to your boss. If you do not come up with another solution, start looking for another business with common offices.

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